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Purchase Protection Plan

  1. Coverage: This plan provides coverage for all purchases made by the customer for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, as well as protection for the customer’s passive income generated from the purchase during the same period. The plan will always protect the customer against risks, even in the event of regional/political uncertainty or pandemics & Such reasons may result in a delay.

  2. Eligible Products: The plan covers all products purchased, except for those that have been cancelled or rescheduled by the customer, or are subject to government travel restrictions due to a pandemic or other emergency.

  3. Claims Process: To make a claim, the customer must contact the company with a detailed description of the issue. The company will then review the claim and provide a resolution within 14  working days.

  4. Reimbursement: If the claim is approved, the company will either provide a replacement holiday package of equal or greater value, or issue a refund for the full purchase price, including any passive income generated from the holiday package.

  5. Limitations: This plan does not cover losses due to theft, loss, or accidental damage during travel. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate travel insurance coverage for their trip.

  6. Customer Service: The company will provide 24/7 customer service support to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the Purchase Protection Plan.

  7. Enrollment: Customers will automatically be enrolled in the Purchase Protection Plan when they make a purchase, and the coverage will begin on the date of purchase.

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